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March, 2015 Monthly archive

Some people walk far, heart and heart distance is like heaven and earth. I have changed, or you wrong? I don’t know, just to take in place does not move, you will come and not, I have been there, quiet like a tree, do not need to remember, do not need to miss . Use heart to the breathing, use made from miss wen run a rain in the spring, in the thousand and thousands miles away, crying out how to use force, will fall into your silent heart. The ripple, the desire of cyclotron is the arrival of the dawn instant disappeared quietly, flowers? The day is still cold. I use the running after hot temperature, but to stop the moment, all round is still empty, no one. Life what asks, taking your hand, life and death hoary head. Fingertips cardamom, long cooking wine, acacia thinner at night, once turn round, no road back to meet the ferry. Want to have, the more misses, providence lane person, marriage sign scattered, ACTS leave iraqis red makeup kept isolated buildings. Your tears is my most painful wounds, if the hand and the rest of my life if I can stay. ……

Beautiful flowers blossom, love lets a person cannot bear to leave, but there is no reason to stay. You alone at night in growth, as colorless vines, pull longer and longer. Love has become a bubble, I forgot to cry, out commitment to chase, good hard! 7 colour, just moment of dancing. Love I was a blur, words don’t outline, from your eyes, I read the locked around the corner, helpless, mark who’s lonely almo nature pet food!

Alone, be night out, I three thousand, stirring up ink to write out a wen wan. You say: don’t start, or a lifetime! Ha ha! Yes, either don’t start, it has been lost, this I completely understand! There is a love called to let go, don’t let the mood word for prisoners. You forget the sad in your world, I am in my gobi cries wine. Read your pain will come, I have a warm nor the return of spring. The stage of life, who was collected, I picked up is there. You are my inlaid harp in the mood for the most beautiful meet, but not warm each other’s time. A porridge dinner companions, so late to see, there is QingHuan into greed. Met in a tree, the red is you, yellow is my, if falling, you do my umbrella! Let the graceful, fallen with you, is worth it. In a word planted in you, a row is very serious, but the words of the drift from place to place, is messy. If the autumn months with spring, that is what is blurred, needless to say, I know the ending DR REBORN.

Very want your fingertips to plunder the lingering, let wen wan cleansed into streams, curved like alone wild goose, how to carve Murray is a paper zen. Really want to all the fields around, and one soul fit and carrots. Understand the oath beauty, is the biggest in the world of mortals of greed. March no TaoGongLiuLu, no jiangnan screen such as exhibition, my eyes looking around, haven’t seen a trace of green romance.

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