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Water wash your face

Method one: white vinegar water wash your face

Oily skin, you can use a teaspoon of white vinegar to warm the face to wash the way to whiten the skin, in doing so, can make the thick cuticle thin and soft, the skin is not only white but also more delicate. White vinegar to wash face can not remember too much greedy, excessive use, will burn the cuticle, so that the skin becomes thin.

Method two: apply yogurt mask

Do 1-2 times a week yogurt mask, direct consumption of our yogurt can be used to attaining it, there are a lot of lactic acid bacteria, can make the skin white quickly. Yogurt mask is both healthy and affordable, and does not harm the skin, there is no side effects.

Method three: pearl powder whitening

Pearl powder whitening effect is significant, the skin has a good nourishing effect. Take 3 tablespoons pearl powder, a crushed dimension E, and then, with pure water into a paste. Fumian surface, 20 minutes later, with pure water can be washed.

Method four: milk whitening

Prepare a small glass of milk, (in summer, you can also put the milk into the refrigerator, apply the cool, it will be more comfortable). Steam the face, the cotton pad full of milk, apply in the face about fifteen minutes, remove, wash the face with water, milk. Long-term adherence, you can make the skin white and uniform.

Method five: bubble barley water to drink

Use Ren Ren powder, plus a teaspoon of water in about 1000cc, when drinking water, not only the skin is good, even for the slimming have a magical young child 这 I This is the use of Yi Ren diuretic effect, can reduce edema , So with a slimming and face-lift A compilation and white skin is also very helpful.

Six methods: hot springs whitening

Hot springs, hot springs can not only make the skin smooth and smooth, but also to eliminate fatigue. If you have skin allergies, soak the hot springs can be improved Oh!

Method seven: apply seaweed mask

Apply the mask with seaweed mask, whitening effect is very good, but also can add facial collagen, so that the water moist skin white up.

Whitening methods are pearl powder, milk, bubble barley water to drink, hot springs can be whitening! And the effect is very good Austria! So should pay attention to Austria! Method with whitening your skin have a significant effect! Beauty is also the best !

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