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The reporter noted that

together with the “Technology China Team”, “Happy China Team”, “Healthy China Team”, “Education China Team”, “Rule of Law China Team”, “Nineteen Major Advocacy Teams” or project Team Groups Into the old revolutionary areas and rural areas, accepting ideological baptism, learning the revolutionary spirit, inheriting the red genes, radiating the intellectual,

technical and project resources of the universities to the vast rural areas, promoting local social and economic construction, and assisting in the promotion of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

this year’s competition will add a “Youth Red Dreaming Journey” track, and the project to participate in this track must be a project to participate in the “Youth Red Dreaming Journey” event.

According to the arrangement, the national finals will be held on the basis of the school competition and the provincial competition. The registration period is from March to May, and the preliminary rematch stage is from June to September. The national finals will be held in mid-to-late October. In addition to the “Youth Red Dreaming Journey” event

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